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Welcome to La Pitriaca B & B: th efirst opened in Palau - Sardinia

At about 4.5 km from Palau, in the northern Sardinia, facing La Maddalena Archipelago and few minutes from the well known Costa Smeralda and Porto Pollo, the Bed and Breakfast La Pitriaca, surrounded by the green Gallura countryside, is the perfect place where to stop and spend your holidays in this area of Sardinia. Comfortable and receiving, it is the right place where you can relax, far from the urban stress, from the Costa Smeralda excesses, from a sporting day in Porto Pollo, one of the best known winsurf spot in Europe.  Everything, in our house, is based on our famous Sardinian sense of hospitality. Our B&B is also very respectful of the environment due to its attention in sorting waste

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